B2B Services


B2B Services

An online order transaction between businesses is known as B2B ecommerce. In the current scenario, buyingproficiency is enhanced for wholesalers, manufacturers,suppliers and end to end B2B sellers.As B2B ecommerce space is growing rapidly, everyone is going digital with their businesses and trying hard to establish their businesses online.

Online platform like Amazon.com Inc. launched a B2B Retail Service known as Amazon Business to reach a higher base of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).Many online agenciesin their reports have forecasted that B2B online retail market is estimated to touch double the size of the B2C online market and revenue will top $6.7 trillion by the year 2020. Furthermore with this data, one can estimate the further growth of B2B Online Retail and B2C as well.

Global E-Commerce Buying Agent

Marketplaces and platforms like Alibaba and Amazon has become the most popular cross country B2B business channel across the globe. B2B online processes are likely to trade-off from a one-to-many to many-to-many business model. Gone are the days, where one company invests andcreates an online channel for its suppliers. Today is the era of one solution for all, in which anybody assimilates an e-procurement process and facilitates the purchase of goods online and selling as well.It can be termed as Global E-Commerce Buying Agent.

Jaipur Global Services is prominent name in the e-commerce consulting partners list. In the recent years, JGS has raised their clients with cent per cent client satisfactionlevel and spread out their e-consulting services from Domestic to Foreign country. In past years, many of our clients have started online business in their home country and grown up now, and spread their businesses across the globe now.

We, as ane-commerce consulting expert provide a platform to our B2B clients (Online Sellers) to exchange their business ideas across the globe. We act as a Global E-CommerceBuying Agent, where one can contact us for selling their ideas to the one who wants to buy. For an example: If a manufacturer is making handmade papers and paper bags, we provide buyer to that manufacturer/ retailer/supplier.

In simple words, we provide an opportunity to the sellers grow without investing much as we would be assisting them in everything such as Product Development, Buyer Search, Quality Control, Market Strategy, Market Research, R&D, and Shipping/Documentation Assistance.

Listed are the functions we perform as a B2B E-Commerce Consultant :

  • • Liaison
  • • Sourcing
  • • Quality Control
  • • Product Development
  • • Product Management
  • • Shipping/Documentation
  • • Market Study (R&D)