Amazon Consulting Experts


Amazon Consulting Experts

Amazon is one of the most reliable, safest & preferred online marketplaces for a number of shoppers who surf daily for online stores. Amazon is globally recognized“online retail seller” in the US retail industry contributing about 43% of US online retail sales (As per Feb. 2017). Amazon allows retailers to reach millions of customers, as they may not have been able to reach alone. Amazon is the one of the largest retail online seller’s market as compared to other e-commerce websites. In the current age, Amazon has made its existence in almost 10 big countries such as U.S., Canada, India, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, and China. We are the authorized Amazon Consultancy, Expert, having a team of specialized people aware with every strategic and promotional tool of Amazon Sellers Portal. We provide complete Amazon consultancy service where we supervise your entire Amazon operations work (including shipping inventory to Amazon) and we take accountability for improving rankings, conversions and increasing sales volume for your products over the Amazon.

In brief, Jaipur Global Services is an e-Commerce Business Consultancy Service provider dedicated to catering e-Business Services for the firms doing their businesses online. With a Team of Experts of Management Professionals, Business and Technology Consultants; we help you in Planning, Execution and Effectively Monitoring of your e-Business Ideas.

With JGS, we work on making the local and global presence of your business. Indeed, we support all types of e-retailers in holding the huge customer base over the Amazon in order to expand their regional and global businesses online. Our team is expertise in building the strong presence of your brand in the global market and enables you to grow in every segment of your business. We are here to assist you in a way so that you could analyze your own strength. We welcome you with your entire “IF” and “BUT”; Indeed, we are here to serve you the best in the industry.

At Jaipur Global Services Solutions, below are the “CORE” activities we usually focus on:

Infrastructure Setup
  • Set up merchant accounts
  • Amazon FBA set up & management
  • Set up merchant accounts
  • Amazon seller central management

  • Customer support
  • Inventory Management
  • Provide ongoing monitoring, support & advic
  • Create & manage the Amazon product ads
  • Manage Amazon competitor cost analysist
  • Optimize keyword search, product descriptions, reviews & images.
  • Amazon analytics and new product listings
  • Inclusion of products in daily deals
  • Optimize the store with SEO strategies
  • Demand creation of products.

In detail, we would serve you like this:

  • Evaluation of potential profitability and associated cost before product listing on Amazon
  • Listing your products on Amazon
  • Commercializing your product pages like uploading product photos, descriptions, keywords etc
  • Optimization or “Amazon SEO” – Getting your products to rank in Amazon’s Organic Search
  • To create and optimize paid search ads on Amazon
  • To help you in generating more reviews and better reviews on your product and your seller’s account
  • To improve your conversion rates on Amazon
  • Logistic Facility – shipping to Amazon, inventory management etc.
  • Deciding whether you should sell as a vendor (Vendor Central) or a seller (Seller Central) or both
  • Migrating vendors to Amazon’s Seller Central plus the FBA program
  • Selling internationally on Amazon’s country-specific websites

Data Security and Accuracy:

We strictly follow the best practices for 100% data security & maintaining 99.99% accuracy in work and we do keep an eye on inventory level & make sure that we have enough to deliver on time.

Therefore, we are ready to assist you to create, maintain & promote your Amazon Store.