Unleash the power of JGS Elite Brand Analytics, providing vital keyword metrics like Search Frequency Rank, Top 3 ASINs’ click rate, and conversion rates. Our data, directly sourced from Amazon, ensures reliability for informed decision-making. Elevate your brand’s performance with strategic insights, guiding you to success in the competitive Amazon marketplace. Take charge with JGS Elite for unparalleled growth and visibility.

Explanation of graph shown in the image

Click Rate: Track the ASIN’s click percentage in search results.
Conversion Rate: Measure the ASIN’s conversion against total search results.
Search Frequency Rank: Understand product popularity across Amazon terms in your niche. Elevate decision-making with these key metrics for a sharper perspective on your product’s impact and growth potential.

How does JGS through brand analytics help in competitor analysis?

Navigate the competitive landscape effortlessly with our Brand Analytics, strategically dissecting conversion rates and search frequency metrics. Pinpoint the market’s frontrunners, enabling you to identify and evaluate key competitors effectively. Armed with this intelligence, you can make informed decisions on resource allocation and assess your competitive position. Utilize Brand Analytics to gauge the intensity of the competition, empowering you to aim for a higher rank than your top competitors and navigate the competitive terrain with confidence.