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With the ongoing festive season and the pandemic situation, people are choosing to shop on an e-commerce platform over offline shopping. With increasing sales in the festive season, there are high probabilities of increasing the returns too. In this article, we will tell you about the ways on how the sellers can reduce the returns of their products.

Product returns are higher in the case of apparel as many customers face the problem in the fit. Many people buy gifts in the festive season and therefore people send them back because they are wrongly sized or unwanted. 

How Does a Return Policy of a Brand Affect the Buying Decision Of The Customer:

More than half of the buyers have said that they wouldn’t purchase a product whose returns are chargeable. Return policy must be stated transparently as it stimulates the confidence among the buyers and compels them to buy the product. 

Reasons Why Customer Returns the Product:

⇒Size Issues

Many people while purchasing from only faces the trouble in choosing the correct size and thus the returns of the product increase gradually.

⇒Improper description

Almost 40% of the buyers confessed that they return products because the product description does not match the actual product. 


⇒Different from what ordered

Many online buyers face the problem where they do not receive the product as shown in the pictures. Ensure that the pictures are of high quality and communicate well with the audience about your product. 

⇒56% of people buy intending to return the product.

These days many millennials buy the product, use it and then return it. Such scams are increasing every day, but with the proper guidance of an expert eCommerce consultant, you can avoid such problems and maximize your profits. 

Ways to Reduce Returns on E-commerce Platforms:

⇒Be Transparent About The Return Policies:

Customers are more likely to purchase confidently with the seller who mentions return policies clearly and allows easy returns. 

⇒Update Your Listing:

Update your listing vis-à-vis to your product. Mention nothing that does not match with your product. Ensure that your listing contains all the relevant keywords of the product so you don’t miss any chance of being found by the potential buyers. 

⇒Upload High-Quality Images:

Images play a crucial role in selling the products online. Ensure the images you upload are of high quality and cover all the dimensions of the product. 

⇒Use Product Reviews:

Product reviews work as a trust signal in the eyes of the browsers. 90% of the buyers trust the unfiltered client reviews with images and videos. The more client reviews the better will be the conversion rate of the product. 

⇒Ensure On-time delivery:

Give the best eCommerce shopping experience to customers by providing them with on-time delivery, hassle-free returns, and proactive responses. They will be more likely to come back and repurchase products from your brand. 

⇒Set Up Q & A:

Setting up a Q and A is the best way to avoid return as the customers receive answers to all the queries about the product and if the customer knows the product well, then he/ she is less likely to place a return request.  

⇒Be Mindful of Packaging:

Give your customers a delightful experience with the beautiful and safe packaging which can protect and prevent it from any kind of external damages. 

In a Nutshell

Above listed are the top ways of reducing the returns of the products in the festive season, Be mindful of giving a mesmerizing experience to the customer to increase future sales of the product. 


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