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E commerce Catalogue Management

Your effective online presence is important to get the maximum return on investments. Having your website is not enough when you want to expand your business limits. It is required to be visible on different marketplaces to generate more sales and improve your brand visibility. But finding right marketplace and getting a web store there might be a tedious task.

Jaipur Global Services help you achieve this task with easy. We can help you get listed on most popular and influential marketplaces worldwide such as Like Amazon US, Amazon.UK, Ebay USA, overstock, walmart, Newegg, rakuten, Shop, Houzz , Target, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Homeshop18, Ebay India, Myntra and more.

Through our marketplace support service, we help you make your own store on various marketplace sites and portals. We also offer complete order services that include payment and logistics customer service to ensure a smooth and correlated sales and inventory management. We do so by integrating your store with several marketplaces. This not only helps your track the sales and inventory records but also gives you a better insight of how your products are performing on different portals.

Thus, with our marketplace support service you can increase your sale, build your brand and create future marketing strategies for better business prospects.


What we do:

Marketplace Account Creation/Audit

Professional will audit your present marketplace accounts and if you do not have one, our experts will help create your account on some of the leading marketplaces.


Product Uploading

Once accounts are created or optimized, we will start with collecting the products, carefully select the right listing category or create customized item listings for unlisted items and will upload the products with required title, descriptions, specs and images


Product Listing Optimization

We continuously optimize these products and make them more visible and desirable amongst the major market places. We will increase the visibility of products by adding the right keywords in titles and descriptions to ensure that it is optimized for relevant search queries.


Competition Analysis

We will do conduct a thorough research of your targeted markets, competitors with similar business models, their marketing strategies and deliver a concise report that will prove crucial to your ecommerce business. We will monitor your competitor and ensure that your products outsell most of the competitor’s products.


Regular Price & Inventory Updates

We will update all the online marketplaces at a regular period of time with the latest price and stock changes.


Payment Reconciliation

We match seller’s order processing data with marketplace data to find disputes. All invoices are mapped against payments received and discrepancies are reported. Reconciled data is synced with accounting system.


Create Promotion

We can promote your products to boost your sale. We create promotion according to your budget.


Summarize Reports

We follow a transparent approach and we will provide regular reports of your product’s performance on various marketplaces in terms of their sales, product performance, increasing popularity etc.