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E-Commerce consultant which specializes in giving a complete ecosystem to achieving higher sales on Amazon and other E-commerce stages Jaipur Global Service is one plug answer for setting up, running and developing your business on Amazon/flipkart and other ecommerce marketplaces without trading off your existing business. We check out precise strategies, customized to suit your business, after dissecting competitor information with the goal that you can beat them unexpectedly! We help you prepare the best e-commerce strategy to keep your business at the forefront of competition. Your decision to seek our help will be the best decision you will ever make.

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The A to Z guarantee is for Buyer on Amazon. It covers convenient conveyance, validity of thing and its condition. On the off chance that purchaser doesn’t get an item three days after the conveyance date then he is qualified for discount. On the off chance that an item contrasts from the one recorded and requested he is qualified for return and substitution or discount. On the off chance that merchant doesn’t give discount on returned things the purchaser is ensured.

Amazon offers fraud security to its merchants. It examines situations where purchasers have illegitimately restored an item as damaged or in any case raise a case on bogus grounds.

It totally depends on the category you deal in.

It totally depends on the category you deal in.

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Professional Seller Account costs Rs. 10000 per month for subscription fee where there are no such fees for individual sellers. But individual sellers must pay some minimum percent to amazon depend on the category for the item sold. On the other hand, Individual Sellers will not be able to use features such as: feeds, spreadsheets, inventory loading tools, order reports, order-related feeds, and customized shipping rates. Professional sellers can also sell in extra 10 + categories where individual sellers are not.


Individual arrangement doesn’t include any month to month charges. You pay just when you sell a thing on Amazon. In the event that you move up to professional arrangement, at that point you pay a non-refundable month to month charge to Amazon. Notwithstanding, you don’t need to pay a for everything expense to Amazon when you sell an items. Amazon will charge different expenses as might be pertinent. Professional arrangement likewise gives you office of reports, request the executives, stock devices and group transfers. This is perfect for high volume merchants. Individuals might be limited from selling in specific classifications though professional arrangement consequently allows you endorsement. Individual arrangement is ideal in the event that you sell under 40 things.

Amazon has particular product classifications. You can enroll on Amazon and sell in 20 categories without getting earlier authorization from Amazon. Certain products require Amazon’s endorsement. Amazon has a page on dealer focal indicating confined products. These incorporate fake and booty things, gift vouchers, tobacco products, medications and medication stuff, prohibited brands, products that dodge lawful limitations, products that contend with Amazon Prime, hostile products and others.

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Comprehensively, in view of the accompanying reasons Amazon Seller accounts get suspended:

Beneath desires, i.e., your client measurements (undoing rate, request imperfection rate, late shipment rate, strategy infringement, on-time conveyance, contact reaction time). Amazon sends a notice in the event that they discover any error and ask storekeepers to decide the issue. Fail to decide the issue routinely achieves the suspension.

Encroachment of Amazon’s Selling Policies.

Encroachment of Amazon’s principles about Restricted Products.

Remembering singular information for the depiction may prompt record suspension.

Transferring copyrighted (pictures not taken by dealers themselves) to an item page of without approval from the proprietor of the picture.

Intentionally selling manufactured copies of items

On the off chance that a retailer opens more than one vender account under a comparable person’s name or same business’ name without Amazon’s authorization.

On the off chance that Amazon finds that the vender account is connected with an as of late suspended Amazon shipper represent (model, having a comparative street number and moreover same Social Security/Tax ID just as financial records and furthermore IP Address with the as of late suspended dealer).

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