Streamline Your Business with JGS Elite’s Multichannel Order Management:

In the world of online selling, an efficient multichannel order management system is paramount for scaling operations. JGS Elite, a dedicated Order Management System (OMS) software, is designed to minimize manual efforts, reduce redundancy, and maximize operational efficiency in e-commerce. Syncing orders seamlessly from various marketplaces, JGS Elite offers a centralized platform for processing orders, enabling real-time tracking and significant reductions in manual labor and operational costs.

Key Features;

Centralized Order Management: Effortlessly manage real-time order processing from a single platform, eliminating the need to log in to multiple channels. JGS Elite automatically syncs orders from various channels, presenting them in a unified panel for easy management.

Bulk Order Processing: Process thousands of orders in one go with the option for bulk order processing. Download labels sorted by product SKU, courier, etc., saving time and reducing manual labor in sorting labels.

Batch-wise Order Processing: Customize your order processing workflow by creating and processing batches of orders manually or automatically, ensuring organized tracking and ease of management.

Efficient Picklist Generation: Generate picklists for batch or bulk picking, allowing for efficient warehouse operations. Sort products by racks, names, SKUs, etc., streamlining the picking process for increased convenience and time savings.

Bulk Invoice & Label Printing: Download and print invoice and shipping labels for multi-channel orders in bulk or batch-wise. Customize labels and invoices for thermal printing, enhancing order processing efficiency.

Manifest Generation: Generate manifests through various methods, including scanning shipment AWBs, selecting batches, or individual orders. Manifests are available for download, ensuring proper record-keeping and dispatch management.

Unified Order Tracking: Track order statuses across different marketplaces from a single platform, keeping you updated on your business’s performance with ease.

Return Order Reconciliation: JGS Elite monitors return orders, alerting you to expect returns based on marketplace policies. Automate the return process, manage products for resale, and update inventory seamlessly.

Offline Order Management: Facilitate offline business operations with JGS Elite’s creation of offline orders. A Point of Sale (POS) system is also provided for retail stores, enabling efficient inventory management across single or multiple warehouses.

User-Friendly Interface: JGS Elite boasts a dynamic and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to non-technical users. The live interface ensures real-time transaction processing without complications.

Automated SLA Compliance: JGS Elite prioritizes orders based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring timely processing and preventing SLA breaches.

Custom Retail Invoices: Generate customized invoices seamlessly within JGS Elite, eliminating the need for additional systems for invoice maintenance and generation.

Empower your business with JGS Elite’s dynamic features, providing a holistic solution for efficient and effective multichannel order management.