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Warehouse is the commercial building where products are stored in bulk.. Manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, exporters, shipping companies, almost every business group takes the service of a warehouse because they know that warehouse plays an important role in streamlining the process of logistics and supply chain.

Ecommerce warehousing is the way of storing goods that will be explicitly sold online, and ecommerce warehouse management refers to managing all the processes that are involved in running an ecommerce warehouse.
Jaipur Global Services is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Ecommerce Consultancy Company in India recognized by e-marketplace leaders like Amazon and Flipkart and therefore trusted by 300+ clients across the globe. We are Ecommerce consultant Shopify. Jaipur Global Services have their own warehouse in Rajasthan as well as Bangalore.

We are amazon authorised MSF warehouse in Bangalore here you can store your product in inventory and handle return processing

There is no appointment and storage issue, save your transport cost, No long term storage fees, and fast delivery. We have Packaging and labelling services for faster shipping operations.

Multi seller flex operator will take care of processing customer orders and any return for your product. Amazon will handle logistic and customer service. All of your products sent to MSF sites will receive the Prime Badge, you can enjoy all this through Multi seller flex site operated and maintained by Jaipur Global Services.

Advantage of using MSF

Save Up to 10 lakhs through MSF Per month

Save 100% on Long Term Storage Fee

Save Up to 66% on Weight Handling Fees

Save 40% on Storage Fee

Save Up to 10% on Repackaging of Your Return Orders

Save Rs. 13 of Technology fee Per Order

We offer complete end-to-end fulfillment operations; right from inventory management and storage, up to packaging and shipping. For more information please visit@ :








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