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Fulfilment by Amazon is one such resourceful web service which provides a helping hand to merchants by professionally performing the complex and sensitive order fulfilment process on their behalf.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a highly functional program designed to provide sellers with the storage facility for their inventory and execute orders from Amazon fulfilment service center. In any line of ecommerce, ready storage and steady fulfilment are critically important for overall business development, customer satisfaction and profit maximization. FBA presents individuals and small enterprises as well as large corporations with the opportunity to exceed the expectations of their customers with safe, smart and speedy order delivery. Now, if you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler, you can pay total attention to your purchasing and production as by availing FBA you are no longer required to maintain your own warehouse and suffer heavy placement cost. You don’t even have to worry about product packing and shipment irrespective of size or frequency of the orders.

We Jaipur Global Services have our own ecommerce fulfilment centers in north as well as in south also. Here we provide you the services like inventory management, order processing, Return handling and removal processing, etc. We provide short-term and long-term options to store your belongings with utmost safety and security. We have Multi-channel fulfillment in Benglore Doddaballapura, where we put amazon, flipkart ,meesho products.

Our Multi-channel fulfilment centers are MSF that enables merchants to sell through various sales channels and lets the marketplace manage the packaging and shipping aspects for them. Furthermore, merchants can sell products stored at a marketplace’s fulfillment centers.

The system of Fulfilment by Amazon may sound complicated but in practice it’s very simple to follow as it is comprehensively crafted keeping in mind actual trading demands and latest ecommerce trends. Once you have sent your brand new or used goods to the fulfilment canter, they are kept in Amazon storehouses in ready to ship shape. Amazon initiates order fulfilment for your products upon receiving orders from customers through its own website or upon your direct request for their shipment. This procedure is followed by uplifting of the specified items from inventory to subsequently packing them for dispatch. Finally, the ordered goods are shipped from Amazon fulfilment service centers to the said destinations. After the deduction of fulfilment charges, net sale amount is credited to your account and same process is repeated for next transactions. You can be assured that all the steps involved are performed automatically seamlessly in a professional manner by the most trusted, efficient and experienced hands of Amazon.


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