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There are many techniques to consider when selling goods online. To arrive at the most extreme amount of clients conceivable, a multi-channel warehouse facility is an ideal methodology. The Multi-channel fulfilment Services (MSF) helps you to grow your business. If you have multiple businesses you need multi-channel warehouse management systems to streamline processes and help your business grow.

The key to any e-commerce retailer’s success is effective warehouse management. To take care of business you want to comprehend how to coordinate your warehouse.

Jaipur Global Services provides multi-channel warehouse services to sellers. The sellers can store their inventory across fulfilment centres on amazon and they will take care of the rest. We have our warehouses in the north as well as in the south also. Sellers can easily track their inventory, have an automated workflow, and get the entire inventory. We have Amazon Authorised Warehouse . 

We at Jaipur Global Services are an E-commerce consultant company in India specializing in the online marketplace (Amazon & Flipkart) management for Brands, Manufacturers & Resellers. We commit ourselves to help our clients in everyday activities and growing their

Businesses on an E-commerce platform. We have an exceptional mixture of expertise, cycle, and innovation to help our clients across their online business needs.

Warehouses are used by producers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport organizations, customs, and so on. The warehouse is a planned storage space or storage facility before sale or distribution. Warehouse facilities aim in handling and store goods in arranged spaces that will empower organizations to circulate them. E-commerce Warehousing – It is the place where our clients can store their products safely and securely. They can easily track and check the stock at any given point in time.

Our clients can transport their sales to any marketplace from where they receive orders. Here you can ship to your customers faster because online shoppers expect to receive their orders quickly and affordable every time they shop online. While choosing where to store your stock, consider appropriating it to numerous distribution centres. This can assist with setting your stock nearer to a greater amount of your clients, meaning it requires less investment and cash for their online orders to reach them.

Our warehouses are designed to store products and can improve the accuracy of inventory tracking and prevent lost items. The best ways to arrange your distribution centre include an insightful format plan, the executive’s programming, and labelling systems. 

Your time is precious to us. We provide you with the storage, labelling, and shelving facility which helps you to focus more on your sales. Our automated system tracks the inventory in real time and collects various information. 

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