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Amazon has become the no’ 1 ecommerce platform to sell and purchase goods. With a tough competition on the platform it becomes difficult for the sellers to cope. Many Amazon Sellers miss important things to do to increase their sales, and sometimes all they require is the best Amazon SPN to help them boost their sales.

There are many pro Amazon SPNs in India that are not only result oriented but are also pocket friendly. Sometimes it’s better to use an expert than getting under big losses.

Top 7 Tips To Sell on Amazon From a Pro Amazon SPN:

1. Get Great Product Photos: Pictures are the foremost things to attract your potential customers. In the competitive `edge pictures can help you survive. High resolution images work like a blessing for the online sellers as customers cannot try or see the product physically therefore images should have good quality and should cover every angle of the product. 

2. Use an attractive and keyword optimized title:Keyword is the backbone of online selling specially on amazon. Before listing your product, do a thorough research of your product and its keywords. Keywords are the search terms from which your potential customers search for your product. Make your title attractive and describe major product features and high volume keywords. 

3. Offer free shipping: Customers love free shipping and that’s what we recommend to our sellers. Free shipping often tempts the customers. 

4. Make combos of the product: You can never go wrong by making combos of your product. Combos can save you delivery cost, if the products are small. Selling combos on ecommerce platforms like Amazon can save you a lot of other costs too. 

5. Invest in Advertisement on Amazon: Not running an advertisement is the most common mistake that sellers make just to save some money. But they are unaware of the fact that with a good advertisement optimization you can double your account sales. Be mindful of the budget and the bids you put, running an advertisement is a little risky as one wrong advertisement can cost you your hard earned money. We recommend you to take help from advertisement experts for a better result. 

6. Keep The Prices Competitive: To stand in the online market it is important to keep the prices low and competitive. Platforms like Amazon and Flipkart have so many sellers and therefore there is a higher competition so it is recommended to all the sellers from an expert Amazon SPN to keep the prices low and competitive. 

7.Try to get maximum reviews and ratings: Review work is a trust signal in the eyes of the buyers so try to get more and more positive reviews to sell your product more. Positive reviews will not only increase the sales but will also reduce the returns because customers get more confident about the product they are buying with the reviews. 

8. Focus on a Ravishing Packaging: Delight your customers with ravishing packaging. Make your brand’s goodwill by providing an attractive and safe packaging to the customers. Many times there is a risk of products getting cracks and breakage but with safe packaging,which involves using thermocol and bubble wrap you can avoid breakage of fragile products. 

In a Nutshell

Above mentioned are the top rips to sell on Amazon from a pro Amazon SPN. the most important tip for the sellers is to maintain high product quality. With good quality product nothing can stop your sales. 


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