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Online business is blasting quickly, and numerous individuals have acknowledged it and turned it into an incredible business opportunity. We at Jaipur Global Services being India’s no’ 1 Ecommerce Consultant Company helps such individuals in accomplishing the statues in whichever specialty they are selling their items. 

Our excursion began when the owner of Jaipur Global Services “Shashank Gupta” helped a craftsman in expanding his Rajasthani handiworks business. He endeavored to develop his business, and resultantly today, his organization is having a monthly turnover of over 12,00,00,000. From here on out Shashank began moving toward the individuals who required assistance to develop their business online. 

Our point is to advance Indian products in public and worldwide business sectors. India is a nation with numerous capable individuals and craftsmen and that is the reason we thrive to make their work ought to be bought and acknowledged over the world. In the coming years, we aim to accomplish an objective to take our merchant on the worldwide foundation of amazon. 

Jaipur Global Services is the famous Ecommerce Consultant Company in India. Our group includes account administrators, graphic designers, listing specialists, Shopify specialists, and Flipkart specialists. Being the SPN’s of Amazon, Flipkart and Shopify we have great associations in these 3 platforms consequently we know the standards and how they think and what they do, With our in-depth knowledge and contacts we helped a significant number of our customers. 

Till today, we have worked with over 250+ customers with following the same guiding principle of generating the maximum revenue for our clients. Our customers are our greatest resource, our success lies in our customer’s win and consequently we buckle down day and night so our customers can achieve their business target objectives.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Ecommerce Consultancy Company. We not only encourage sellers from various villages but also support and encourage women entrepreneurs who want to succeed in online business selling. We understand how difficult it is for women to enter into the entrepreneur world while doing daily chores, handling kids and whatnot. We respect and support such women and therefore we believe in encouraging them with our explicit services.  

With our long periods of experience, we know and see how to make it right. We do everything directly from making your dealer record to giving you the recommendation that permits you to amplify your deals.

Services We Offer:

Account Analysis & Quality Check–Detailed analysis of on-boarded seller and quality check of listing & other details, which includes product title, description, images, etc.

Innovative Ideas & Suggestions–Regularly provide important suggestions to boost up an online business and keep informed about new changes.

Inventory Analyzing & Suggestions–We analysis of inventory and provide suggestions which includes FBA suggestions, fix standard, Inventory planning, unfulfillable & adding a new listing, etc.

New listing & Account Registration–Creating new listing with the top searched keywords from scratch & also new account registration for other countries.

Lighting Deals–Regularly getting your products for lighting deals to keep account ranking/sales higher.

Promotion Planning–Regularly planning for deals, events & discounts.

Enhanced Brand Content–Building Brand visibility and Enhanced A+ listing for products.

Advertise Creation & Optimization–Create a new advertisement for sales boost and optimizing them for better outcomes.

Product Latching–Provide information to amazon if other sellers are using our brand listing and make amazon to remove them.

Competitor Analysis–Analyzing competition and provide insight to sellers about price, product, account health, etc.

Buyer & Seller Communication–Handling communication with the buyer which includes orders query, return query, comments, and reviews, etc.

A to Z Guarantee & Reimbursement claims–Our team handle claims delicately and make sure to not get negative impacts on your business health.

Payment & Return Reconciliation–Order wise reconciliation of payment & settlements if lost.

Account Health Monitoring–We regularly monitor account health which includes LDR (late dispatch rate), ODR (order defect rate), PFCR (pre-fulfillment cancel rate), Intellectual property complaints, and Feedbacks.

Everyday Operations–Day-to-day operations are handled by the team which includes order status monitoring, listing transfer between FBA ship and a merchant ship, the addition of top searched keywords, etc.

Product Ranking Report–Provide monthly reports about the ranking of SKUs or products. Help the seller by giving suggestions on ranking.

Monthly Sales Report–Provide monthly reports about decreasing sales. Give ideas and suggestions to improve the listing. 

In a Nutshell

If you are looking for someone who can increase your sales and can elevate your brand, then Jaipur Global Services is the perfect pick. Reach out to us so that we can assist you further.


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