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Nowadays, e-Commerce is becoming more and more popular in consumers mind pertaining to all the aspects of safety and convenience of product availability or delivery. Big online e-Commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay are playing a big role in developing a great online business platform for the buyer and seller both. In an increasingly online world, e-Commerce as a part of the retail industry is flourishing and every brand must offer a wonderful shopping experience to meet the consumer’s needs. At the same time, most of the brands have already started working on creating their own online web stores. Recently, a survey about consumer’s e-commerce preference at popular Brands has revealed these interesting facts:

  • 82% of consumers prefer or love to transact with a brand on its e-Commerce Website.
  • 88% of consumers love to buy straight from the brand’s own outlet.
  • 57% of consumers prefer to start its first buy from brands own website rather than from any retailers.
  • 72% of consumers are not actually satisfied with the existing online shopping experience provided by their lovable brands.