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Every startup or a small e-Business person invests Time, Money & Effort to make customer engagement on his e-Commerce Store and expects an optimum Return on Investment with every increasing customer engagement. For this purpose, every business has to ensure that its products or services are capable enough to keep the customer engagement on its website (e-Retail Store).

If the customer is completely impressed with your services or products, then it will add value to your e-commerce business.

Many options are available to impress the customer and to get “OUTSTANDING” results; a business must have patience, as it is a time taking process. We would like to recommend you few ways to increase customer visit on your e-commerce store so that you can maximize sales and revenue as well as sustain a profitable business.

Use a Live Chat App on your website

Any customer visits your website must want to know more about you, and most of the time, a website is not at all sufficient to get all his questions are being answered. For this purpose, your website must have a Live Chat, so that your Customer Service (Live Online) can solve all the queries immediately and might be possible, that you could earn a Customer.

Maximize the use of Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc.)

If you are enjoying a Thrilling Niche into the market, Instagram is the most vital social network for your business to attract the customer. Nowadays, people are spending much time on the social media to know more about the current market trends into the market.

Similarly, Pinterest and Facebook provides the customer base for your business. The social media networks provide a great customer engagement to your Website. Indeed, you have the scope of launching your business globally with the use of all these social media networks. You can let them engage with your product, it is all up to you that how you influence them to be with your services or products. Using Social Media Networks is the best way to approach your target customer group and top followers in your business. You can easily inform them about your upcoming activities; it can be anything about your new product or service. You need to concentrate on your efforts to ensure that Social Media works for your business successfully.

For this purpose, you can either appoint yourself to spend 1-2 hour a week on social media or hire a staff/freelancer to do this on behalf of you. This will really make sense for your business. It’s time to give a High Five to your e-Business!!

Designing of an Eye Catching e-Brochures

If you care to engage customer completely with your products or services you are in; then present all those things in an appealing manner and make him available the details of your business activities, products you make, and services you provide etc. This exercise of designing of an Eye Catching or impressive e-brochure will make an impact on your esteemed prospective customer.

Persuading visitors to sign up for emails

In some sectors of e-Business, email marketing still brings more business than any social media network does. A survey report suggests that receiving offers and deals from a business by email helps in generating revenue for any business. For an instance, FreeCharge, Paytm, Mobikwik, Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart etc. these are the best examples of Sign Up for emails. Customer will be informed through an email about the upcoming products, new offers, deals, discount etc. Thus, it makes sense for any business to invest time and effort into collecting maximum no. of customer’s data through sign up for new offers and discounts.

All you need to do is make sure that the sign-up form is simple and quick to fill. You don’t need to ask more questions with the website visitor as you don’t require to know much about him. An excessively long form can irritate the visitor and he can go away, so be precise with the Sign-up form. Your emails must be sales oriented and more of customer’s interest point of view.

Least but not last, all of these exercises will be more helpful in increasing engagement on your e-Commerce Store. All you need to take your time and let it happen for you.


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